A 360º project management and investment advice service.


We adapt to the strategic needs
of our investors and we come up with an action plan for each project together with them.

As specialists in the All-Round Project Management ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP designs real estate projects to guarantee the success of each property development. We direct and take on the entire management of the property development, through the property management figure, from the beginning to the end: from the definition of the optimum product, the business plan, the study of costs and the legal requirements, to handing over the property, going through the design, project management, tendering and contracting the building work, the construction and quality control.

We adapt to the strategic needs of our partners and investors, we draw up an action plan for each project with them, which includes the requirements of the project, along with the objectives of it.

We are responsible for all areas of the project: we plan, we manage, we coordinate and we supervise the work and the stakeholders that are involved in it, we carefully control costs and the deadlines, we select and hire the best work teams, we prepare all the legal documentation, we coordinate, we supervise the whole process and we guarantee that costs are complied with and that deadlines are met.


Our commitment: the ability to excel
and adapt quickly and effectively to the requirements and the needs of our customers.

ALICANTE GLOBAL GROUP provides an all-round ASSET Management service, right from the start; it coordinates both the creation and the increase in the value of the REAL ESTATE assets. From building them, their maintenance and upkeep, to their resulting capital gains, the sale to investors or product bundling for merger integration.

With its experience and professionalism Alicante Global Group can supply and create a complete Asset Management service, which has one clear purpose: create value for the property owner.

Our experience enables us to provide our customers with all-round advice on asset management, which includes looking for and acquiring the real estate product, the management and the supervision of the product that has already been acquired, the rehabilitation or the refurbishment of it, if this is necessary, taking care of the sale to the end user or the lease of it, always making sure that the investor gets the best returns on their investment.

We always pay attention to the study and the analysis of different business opportunities that might arise, which might be interesting for the assets that we manage.